Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Child of God

I remember growing up and life seemed to be so easy. My childhood was good, despite some family challenges we faced, it was always a good time with my mom, brothers, and sisters. At the time I was growing up certain things I never questioned, its almost as if life was so fun and nothing seemed to be a problem. I didn't have time to think about the real problems that I faced. Life was innocent, not a care in the world, no responsibilities, nothing. Boy were these the good ole' days! When we come into this world it is not by choice, we don't ask to choose or parents, or our brothers, sisters, or cousins; but what most people don't realize is that its not our choice but it was God's spectacular blessing that he bestowed upon us. As we get older life becomes a choice. It becomes a choice to live righteously, to love fully, to make decisions properly, and to really understand why life is our choice of being able to choose to live. In life we don't always make the right choices; there were many times in my life when I choose to not act, to not do, to make my life my own reality. However, as I begin to fully understand and grasp my life as it is, I am starting to realize its more than money, more than expensive cars, more than being popular, more than clubbing every night on the weekends.

There's more to capture through life, there's so much to see, to much to do, and so much to live for. Everyone can have their own understanding of what living really means, but I believe that God puts everyone on this earth for one main reason, and that reason is to learn to LOVE. When I think about my spiritual father, I realize that he creates up perfectly in his own image, he constructs every part of us, from his delicate construction of the heart to the intricate lines that underlie our hands on our palms. But his purpose is to show us in a short period of time, why we are here, why it is our responsibility to take hold of this life and truly find meaning of it all. I realize that life is not promised to anyone, we are not meant to be here forever, during sometime or another we will have to leave this beautiful earth, it is just a matter or when we will leave and how we will live.

You surely don't want to get caught up on these two aspects, but what you do want to do is make when, now and make how irrelevant and live life with your heart on your shoulder. There will be adversity, times when you will fall hard, times when you will hurt, times when you will just want to break down and cry, but all of these great emotions hold magnificent power; think about the type of creature we would be if we only thought to feed our insatiable appetite, if we only thought to get, get, get. We would simply be scavengers, animals, but the greatest difference between us and scavengers is our ability to reach out and touch, to hold, to kiss, to cry when it hurts, to be that shoulder someone needs to lean on, to give when in need, and most important to love when someone is feeling unloved. These human attributes that God gave us make us a beautiful kind of creature.
We have the great ability to create, to think, to touch, and to really understand the purpose of life in all its beauty. Remember, that he made us perfect, made us exquisite, made us extraordinary...and most important he made us his children; remember YOU ARE A CHILD OF GOD.

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